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6 reasons to attend the international school in Shanghai

international school in Shanghai

international school in Shanghai

For students of all ages attending an international school in Shanghai surely is an overwhelming experience. Enrolling in an international school is an enriching experience, especially for the students who are going to high school. Generally in high school, students are determining that in future who they want to be, what career they would choose in future, and where they want to see themselves in future.

Attending an international school gives students a chance to indulge in diverse cultures and offers them a wide range of options. Thus, attending a good international school is crucial for students. Parents are usually worried as their child’s future solely depends on attending a good international school. That’s why parents consider many factors before admitting their child to any international school. In this blog, we would give some factors that you have to consider before enrolling your child in any international school.

6 Good Reasons to Enrol In An International School In Shanghai.

Are you confused about attending your child an international school in Shanghai? We would give you some good reasons to join an international school that would surely help you in making your decision.

Globalised Learning:

Nowadays, the world is more globalised than ever before. Owing to this global perspective students must understand the wider global world and indulge a global mindset. An international school focuses on a global perspective and gives the knowledge and skills which helps the students to become functional citizen of the global world. Also, when a student connects with different teachers and students from the global world then inevitably he would discover his skills and talent.

Cultural Influences:       

In an international school system, the student gets the global focus. International schools teach the international topic of education and that international topic further develops cultural influence at the global level. With a strong cultural foundation, a student would become able to learn beyond the classroom. An international school system paves the path for students to learn about new and diverse cultures. Although, it is a little bit difficult to culturally influence the students that are attending the local international school as they are primarily influenced by the culture where they are living.

Remove Language Barriers:

English is the common language in all international schools. Therefore, if a student comes from an English-speaking country then his involvement in this school would be smooth and he would face fewer obstacles in his education journey. When you move from your country or school it becomes quite challenging and the language barrier with these challenges adds oil to the fire. An international school system offers the facility to teach the English language along with the home country’s language to students at school. When students overcome the language barriers then they succeed in their academic careers.

International Curricula:

An international curriculum is a key consideration while attending an international school. At an international school, students not only get a strong academic foundation but the international curricula also equip them with new skills such as independent skills, communication skills, critical thinking skills, leadership skills, and many more. These skills help the student to move confidently into modern society. The curricula of an international school offer in-depth comprehension courses and give an enriching experience to students to indulge in problem-solving skills.

Individual Attention:

In an international school, the classroom sizes are pretty much small. Small classroom size means that there are more chances of getting individual attention. According to a study, the student-teacher ratio in an international school is relatively low compared to public institutions. Sometimes there are no more than 20 students in a single class. When the students get the full attention of the teacher then eventually they would recognize their weaknesses and strengths. Likewise, when a teacher has a full understanding of their students then he would able to guide the students and help them in their improvement. This one-on-one attention encourages students to participate in class, boosts their confidence, and enhances their communication skills.

Personal Growth:

In an international school, there are more chances for the growth of students’ personalities. An international school provides a nurturing and welcoming environment to the students so that they make the connection with other class fellows and teachers who come from different backgrounds and cultures. A student truly enjoys diversity. Through this personal growth creative thinking and leadership potential indulge in students. The learning environment of international schools motivates the students to link with people from different parts of the world. The personal growth that a student acquires from an international school helps him in the workforce in future as through this a student recognizes his hidden talent.


These days the world is moving at a whirlwind speed. An international curriculum is being recognized all across the world which gives students opportunities to compete with other students who came from each corner of the world. An international school system in Shanghai helps students to develop those practical skills that are beneficial for them in the competitive world. Moreover, at an international school students get the chance to connect with others who came from different cultures. This is the need of the hour for parents to admit their children to an international school system.

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