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Best Games Like Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach


The Park

A ferris wheel looms in the distance in The Park

In The Park, a ferris wheel is visible in the distance.
The Park is a survival horror game that combines slasher conventions with psychological dread to create a uniquely unsettling experience. The game is set in a horrifying amusement park with a sinister past. The narrative focuses on Lorraine, a grieving mother searching for her missing son, Callum, in an amusement park while recalling cherished childhood memories.

The game’s immersive visuals are enhanced by the unpredictable plot twists and ever-changing landscape of the amusement park, which feed Lorraine’s growing paranoia. The Park subverts its setting in the most terrifying way possible for a place intended for pure enjoyment.


A killer clown holds a knife in CarnEvil

Despite being a lightgun rail shooter, Midway’s classic CarnEvil possesses all of the terrifying characteristics that make FNAF: Security Breach so captivating. Specifically, a bizarre carnival filled with terrifying villains and gruesome acts of violence.

Beginning with a thrilling hayride, players then traverse a haunted house, rickety town, freak show, and a massive circus tent where psychotic killer clowns and other subverted childhood toys become marauding killers. CarnEvil is one of the earliest examples of its kind to feature excessive violence and a morbid sense of humor.

Until Dawn: Rush Of BloodIn Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, a killer clown wields an ax.

While the entire Until Dawn franchise is notable as a premier survival horror series, the entry most relevant to the setting of Security Breach is Rush of Blood, the excellent VR spin-off game released in 2016. The captivating plot of Until Dawn is set in a carnival of blood-soaked dread, where players are stalked and slashed by The Psycho and his murderous minions.

Giant spiders, vicious wendigos, man-eating beasts, and a wild roller coaster all play a significant role in delivering visceral thrills and chills to even the most hardened horror fans.

Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime is a survival horror game that subverts the cuteness of children’s toys and animals in sinister ways. The player must navigate through a labyrinthine, long-abandoned toy factory while fending off hordes of bloodthirsty alien ghouls.

Similar to Security Breach, the macabre mascot horror salvo is largely confined to a single impassable location, infusing players with a severe sense of claustrophobia as they traverse one terrifying maze after another and encounter terrifying toys at every turn.


Melting monster face seen in Illbleed

A monster’s face seen melting in Illbleed Retro Bowl
Illbleed is one of the most original and thrilling survival horror games published by Sega Dreamcast despite its commercial failure. The environment consists of six levels presented as different movie theaters within the Illbleed horror theme park, where players must successfully complete the tour to win a $1 million grand prize.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

A deformed monster appears in Amnesia: Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent currently tops the majority of compilations of the scariest survival horror games available. The gameplay and presentation are comparable to Security Breach, but the setting is distinct.

The player controls Daniel as he awakens in a decrepit castle with hazy memories of his past. Daniel is confronted at every turn by gruesome creatures and mysterious monsters as he searches for answers. The really cool aspect of the game is how Daniel’s fluctuating sanity causes wild hallucinations that alter the eerie castle’s landscape.

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