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Coffee Eye Serum And Face Serum – Do They Work?

coffee eye serum

Coffee eye serum

Most people cannot start their day without a cup of coffee and they would be pleased to know that there are many other aspects of life in which they can infuse a dose of caffeine. No, we are not talking about your tea, we are talking about your skincare regimen. Caffeine has been used in beauty products for years and somehow it makes sense as when you take sips from your coffee cup you instantly feel pep up, energetic, and more concentrated. Likewise, a coffee eye serum or face serum would do the same.

Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor which means that this narrows down the blood vessels. This vasoconstrictor is hugely beneficial for skin puffiness or redness as it reduces the blood flow to those areas and eventually minimises the appearance of inflammation. Caffeine is an excellent brightener, anti-oxidant agent, and the buzziest ingredient in the beauty world. Let’s take a deep dive into this blog to get to know more about the wonders of coffee in eye serum and face serum.

Coffee eye serum

Coffee eye serum

Benefits Of Coffee Eye Serum:

No matter what the age, we all bear fine lines under the area of our eyes. These lines can be covered by concealer but that’s not a permanent solution as you cannot always wear concealer under your eyes. However, coffee serum for the eyes can be tremendously beneficial in getting brightening skin and reducing puffiness under the eyes.

1. Increased Blood Circulation:

Coffee eye serum can increase blood circulation in the skin when it is applied. When you add an eye coffee eye serum to your skincare routine then in a few days you would notice a clear difference in your under-eyes area. Coffee stimulates the flow of blood to your eyes which contains essential nutrients. The poor circulation of blood to your eyes causes dark lines around your eyes. Coffee increases blood flow which provides a vibrant look to you.

2. Fight Against Skin Damage:

As we get older all of us face skin damage, particularly under-eye skin damage. And if you spend a large part of the day in the sun then this skin damage can get worse. Coffee is a fabulous anti-oxidant agent that is beneficial in fighting against the free radicals that are created by UV rays. These free radicals are electric charges that cause skin damage when it gathers on your skin.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Agent:

The majority of the time you notice puffiness under your eyes with dark lines. Under-eyes dark lines and puffiness go hand-in-hand. Caffeine has an anti-inflammatory property that plays a vital role in removing toxins and reducing redness and puffiness. This agent also helps you in getting rid of the irritation.

Benefits of Coffee Serum for Skin:

Coffee serum for the skin is beneficial for removing free radicals from the skin and makes the skin healthier and shiny. Let’s take a look at the benefits of coffee serum for the skin.

1. Dissolves Fats:

When you add coffee serum to your skincare routine then due to the incredible dissolving power of caffeine dissolves the fats that are present under the skin by converting them into fatty acids. These fatty acids can be easily removed by the blood circulation that metabolises the energy and carbon dioxide.

2. Reduce Cellulite:

Beauty experts suggest the exfoliation of the skin with coffee grounds is hugely helpful in reducing cellulite. That is one of the key reasons for soaring the use of coffee in the beauty industry. Caffeine works as a vasoconstrictor that narrows the blood vessels and gives the skin firmness and tightness.

Coffee eye serum

Coffee eye serum

3. A Powerful Antioxidant Agent:

When someone asked about your favourite antioxidant agent in drinking then coffee would be the last name that comes to your mind. Coffee or anything else that contains caffeine has a powerful antioxidant property. Caffeine removes the free radical particle from the skin that accumulates on the skin due to pollution or UV rays. If these free radicals are not removed from the skin then they can cause damage. Over time these oxidative particles can become a reason for premature age-related skin concerns. Caffeine helps your skin in getting a glowing look and defends the skin from every aggressor.

4. Helps In Anti-Ageing: 

As caffeine is a powerful antioxidant agent and protects skin from any damage before it occurs that’s why it is an essential component for anti-ageing. With the excellent exfoliation power of coffee, it can give you an improved appearance by reducing ageing-related concerns. When you add a coffee face serum to your skincare routine you would notice a decline in fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Tightens Up:

Caffeine can do wonders for your pores. Coffee face serum has a great shrinking power that makes skin pores smaller. Caffeine helps in improving your skin texture and also makes your skin tighter and firmer.


These days, everyone’s favourite beverage – coffee – is now also becoming a trending beauty ingredient. All in all, the coffee we drink is not only an energy booster but also helps in our skincare routine. Coffee serum for eyes and face is greatly beneficial in giving you a glowing and radiant face. There is a rich source of caffeine in coffee that helps in getting firm and tightens skin, shrinks skin pores, reduces dark circles, and minimises puffiness. You just have to add eyes and face serum to your skincare routine and let it do its wonders.

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