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Crack the GATE Exam and Unlock a World of Opportunities with ASAP CHEMTIME!


The Graduate Engineering Aptitude Test (GATE) is an annual examination for students seeking admission to graduate programs in engineering, technology, architecture and science at national-level institutions. The exam is also a way to secure jobs in Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) and research institutions. GATE is one of the most popular exams in India and hundreds of thousands of students take it every year.

GATE Exam Mode:
GATE exam consists of 65 questions out of 100 marks. The test is done by computer and the test time is 3 hours. The test paper consists of three types of questions: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Multiple Select Questions (MSQ) and Numerical Response Type (NAT) questions. MCQs carry 1 or 2 marks each, MSQ carry 2 marks and NAT questions carry 1 or 2 marks. The exam is held in 25 subjects, each with its own syllabus.

Opportunities after clearing GATE exam:
Clearing the GATE exam opens up many opportunities for students. Some of the options available after clearing the GATE exam are:

  1. Access to Higher Education:Clearing the GATE exam opens up opportunitiesfor students to pursue Masters or PhD degrees from prestigious institutions.
    2. PSU Jobs: Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) like BHEL, NTPC, IOCL and HPCL hire candidates based on their GATE Score.
    3. Central Govt. Jobs: Group “A” Gazetted Officer posts in DRDO, DAE, Central Secretariat interview calls are based on GATE Score.
    4. Research Opportunities: Students who have cleared the GATE exam are also eligible to apply for research positions in various research institutes. Role of ASAP CHEMTIME

    Role of ASAP CHEMTIME:
    ASAP CHEMTIME is a platform that provides guidance for GATE exams in Chemistry and Mathematics in both online and offline mode. The platform provides offline classes, high-quality video lectures, study materials and practice papers to help students prepare for the GATE exam. The teaching staff of ASAP CHEMTIME consists of a panel experts, Scientists and Professors who have cleared the GATE exam and have a good understanding of the subject. The platform also provides a doubt solving link to help students solve their doubts. By joining ASAP CHEMTIME, students can improve their chances of clearing the GATE exam and getting a seat in prestigious universities or jobs in PSUs.

    Clearing the GATE exam is a stepping stone to a bright future. The exam gives students multiple opportunities to pursue higher education, find a job in a PSU or work in a research institution. Joining an online tutoring platform like ASAP CHEMTIME can help students prepare for the exam and improve their chances of passing it. With hard work, dedication and proper guidance, students can score high in GATE exams and achieve their dreams.


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