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5 Business Cases Where Custom Software Is the Better Choice


When choosing software for your business, you often wonder: Should I use commercial software or custom software? Many experts recommend packaged or bundled software as a better option than traditional software. In many cases, prepackaged software can meet the needs of the business. The software may not meet your business needs. If your business has special needs.

Because all businesses are unique. 

Sometimes all-in-one software is the best solution for all your needs. General-purpose software is not necessarily suitable for scalable businesses. Commercial software has limitations such as a short life cycle.

Here are 5 business cases where custom apps are the best choice:

  1. When looking for ways to reach customers individually.

B2C businesses appreciate software with great user experience and personalization options. If you treat your customers as special individuals, you are more likely to gain their trust. Packaged software is very limited in this area. Custom software for customer service companies can ensure that the user journey is unique and completely different from what is available in the market. This gives you a competitive advantage that can be used to define your brand.

  1. Maintain workflow and business processes

Your business is more likely to grow with the unique solutions and workflows your organization implements. Don’t let off-the-shelf software choose your solution. Unfortunately, commonly used software can be very limited in this area. Because it has to serve a different type of business. Workflows can be viewed by ubiquitous software popular in businesses around the world. But popular doesn’t mean being efficient for your organization, but personalized software designed for your business, process, and workflow. With custom applications, you don’t have to worry about introducing new common processes and stressing your employees. You can continue to grow with the best workflow for your business needs.

  1. When you have to quickly adapt to market trends

A single application can be critical if your major customer or supplier makes software changes or implements a new data protocol that your business has no choice but to comply with. This usually happens if your business is part of an integrated supply chain. Released software is sometimes modified or slowly changed to meet industry needs. In this case, a custom solution allows you to quickly add new functionality with little or no delay.

  1. When you want to expand your business

When you buy an off-the-shelf solution for your business, you’ll find that many features don’t fit your business. Because packaged software should support a wide audience, but if you find yourself in a situation where your organization is growing and requires more expensive or unavailable functionality. As your business grows, you will have problems, and it is entirely possible to add features and plan for more as you develop software for your customers. This means you have powerful software that fully meets your growing needs. And you won’t need to pay license fees for additional features in the future.

  1. If you want to reduce the total cost of your property

The price war between business software and personal software can be complicated. If you find yourself in a situation where you need the software available. But you don’t need a big investment in the future. However, when working with custom applications, commercial software is the way to go. The total cost of software ownership can be more profitable than commercial software in the long run. Delays in updates, licensing fees, maintenance, and support costs can delay commercial software for a long time. Personal software does not include royalties because the software is commercially owned. Since you are involved in the development, maintenance will be cheaper.

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