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What Makes The Quantum Body An Interesting Read?

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Staying healthy and satisfied with life in general takes precedence today. This results in long wait-lists for doctor’s appointments and visiting psychologists who promise to heal the mind. Unfortunately, the prospect of a healthy mind residing within a healthy body has become a cliché that makes people wonder about the truth behind achieving well-being. Such questions and more have been addressed in the most popular and bestseller named “The Quantum Body.” The result of effective collaboration by three distinct scientists and authors of repute, the book has received worldwide acclaim as well. 

The ideas revealed in this unique book are unlike anything that you may have heard before. True, you are well aware of the cycle of life that begins as an infant and ends in old age with the body decaying irrevocably. Aging is a problem that has not been reversed to date. The same can be stated about illness. Well, you are about to find out the truth about the human life residing within your body once you go through the chapters of this wonderful yet fantastic book that proposes many answers. 

The Quantum Body: What Do You Learn?

It is indeed intriguing to know that the reflection you see in the mirror is not your body. On the contrary, there are changes taking place constantly at the cellular level that alter your body every second. The authors of this book argue that another body exists at the quantum level. This quantum body is not subjected to aging, decay, or diseases. It is the real body that is not talked about in medical spheres. Instead, the students of medicine learn about anatomy and physiology that refers to the physical body but the real body remains unrecognizable and in the shadows all the time. 

How to achieve well-being?

You cannot remain healthy and free unless you truly address the tiny imperfections. The authors of the book argue that the quantum body operates through the constant flow of creative intelligence. The body therefore does not experience aging or decay at any point. The extraordinary pace of modern life has completely overwhelmed the central nervous system resulting in many emotional and physical manifestations that affect life adversely. The balance of the body as well as the mind has been affected too. The unique and instantaneous responses triggered by prehistoric genes within the human body have proved to be detrimental to your well-being too. 

Some of the most common reasons to have the physical body and mind overloaded with problems include the following:-

  • Too much work
  • Taking pending work home
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Work-related pressures
  • No downtime at work
  • Poor sleeping pattern
  • Reduced or no physical exercise
  • Too many Distractions
  • Family stress
  • Poor diet
  • Poor lifestyle
  • Excessive noise

The Solution

The existence of the quantum body at the subatomic level has been established in The Quantum Body. Seven different breakthroughs have been explained to ensure well-being and satisfaction of the mind in the future.

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