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Free Bill of Sale Forms


A free bill of sale form is a simple document that records the details of a sale. It protects the buyer and seller from legal disputes in the future.

These forms are used to sell a variety of property types, including cars, boats, motorhomes, and personal property. Some of these documents also include a warranty agreement or “as is” clause.

Auto Bill of Sale

When you sell your car, truck or recreational vehicle, a bill of sale will help you track the details of the transaction. It also serves as proof of sale and can outline any guarantees or conditions attached to the transaction.

The form can be filled out on paper or electronically. You can find a free bill of sale template online or write your own.

Depending on your state, the form may include details about your vehicle, such as its VIN number and odometer reading. It should also contain payment details and any other terms agreed upon by you and the buyer.

New York law requires that both the seller and buyer sign a motor vehicle bill of sale (MV-912). It also needs to be notarized, so you will need to provide the seller’s and buyer’s full legal names, addresses and signatures.

Boat Bill of Sale

A boat bill of sale is a legal document that can be used to transfer ownership of a vessel from the seller to the buyer. It includes important details about the boat and its buyer, such as the make and model of the watercraft, the HIN (hull identification number), and a description of any trailer or outboard motor included in the sale.

A bill of sale form can be filled out and signed by both the seller and the buyer to complete the transaction. Both parties should keep a copy for their records, and the buyer will need an original to register with the state.

A boat bill of sale is an essential part of a boat purchase and should be prepared by both parties. This document helps to protect the seller from any claims of fraud and also ensures that the seller is clear on his or her title. It is also a good idea to make sure that the seller has not sold the boat with any defects.

Motorhome Bill of Sale

A Motorhome Bill of Sale Form is a free document that documents the transfer of ownership of your RV from you to a new owner. It can be a vital part of your legal paperwork for the purchase and sale of a recreational vehicle, and it can help you avoid any issues with registration or titling.

The first statement of the bill of sale is designed to describe the two people involved in the transaction as well as define the fundamentals of the deal. It must contain the total dollar amount that the Buyer paid the Seller, followed by the Legitimate Full Name and Mailing Address of the person who is purchasing the RV.

The next field should indicate the name and contact details of both the buyer and the seller, and a space must be left for their signatures. The form should also be signed by a couple of witnesses, if required by the law in your state.

Personal Property Bill of Sale

If you plan to sell a car, boat, gun or other personal property, a bill of sale can help ensure that your transaction is legal and that you are properly transferring ownership. The form is free to download and will provide you with all of the information you need to document the sale.

If a buyer comes back and claims that the item was not as described, the seller may be liable for any repairs. A bill of sale with detailed descriptions, warranties and terms can protect you from these types of legal issues.

The document can be filled out by a seller and the buyer. It should include the name and contact information of both parties, as well as any details about the sale. It should also be signed and notarized by both parties to verify its accuracy.


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