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Top 8 Android SNES emulators in 2023


If you were born in the 1980s, the SNES games will hit you like a freight train at the mention of the system. That’s why we compiled a list of the top SNES emulators for Android to warm the hearts of those who arrived before the millennium.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES, is a 16-bit home video game system introduced by Nintendo in Japan and South Korea in 1990, North America in 1991, and Europe a year later.

In what is recognized as one of the most important console battles in video game history, the successor to the NES (developed by the same guy, Masayuki Uermura) battled with Sega Genesis (also known as Sega Mega Drive).

Its reaction in Japan was so overwhelming that it produced a “social commotion”, with over 300,000 copies being sold within the first few hours of its debut. As a result, the Japanese government demanded that future console launches be scheduled on weekends.

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SNES9x Emulator Box

SNES9x Emulator Box

Emulator Box, which is based on SNES9x, employs the most recent UI interface (which you can’t adjust, which might be unpleasant), receives constant optimization upgrades, and supports Android 4.1 or above devices. The developer will respond to your comments on the Google Play Store, which I believe is always a good thing. It’s also completely free to use. Unfortunately, there may be some controller troubles, and there are a few obnoxious advertisements.


John NESS SNES emulator icon

Another John emulator, this one for the SNES, supports zipped files, fast forward and slow motion, Bluetooth and MOGA controller, Dropbox compatibility (via John DataSync), save states with previews, and completely configurable layout. What more do you need? This one is definitely worth a look, and it’s also free. While you may buy “remove advertising” to get rid of them, the advertisements can sometimes be irksome. You’ll need a phone with 6.0 OS and above to operate this Android SNES emulator.


MultiSneS16 is a variant of the super solid Snes9x open-source emulator that lets you play games with others via LAN network or even Online without the need for third-party apps. You can invite others to play online using a Social Network account, there are public servers created by users that you can join, supports custom cheat codes, controllers, customizable layout, save and load states. This Android SNES emulator also supports an offline single-player mode of course. It has no ads, easy to use, has multiplayer features, and an unlimited number of saves. Highly recommended.

The Retro Pocket of Super N.E.S Emu

The Retro Pocket of Super N.E.S Emu icon

The pre-installed game and list of available ROMs are included with Retro Pocket. Just click the icon for your preferred game, download it, and begin playing. Perfect for novice players who just want to play without having to make many adjustments. Since its release on December 26th, 2019, there have been no updates.

The Kurono S.N.E.S – Classic Simulator

The Kurono S.N.E.S is another regular SNES emulator. You’ll have to download your favourite game and start playing. That simple. Ideal for users who just want to play without getting too much into settings etc. Also, the best part? It’s free. The Kurono S.N.E.S was released in December of 2019 and it hasn’t received any updates since. Also, ads won’t interrupt your gameplay, which is nice.

Snes9x EX+

The final but most definitely not least. SNES9x is a free SNES emulator for Android that was first made available in January 2013 and is still being updated today. One of the reasons this software has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store to this day is because it regularly fixes issues and improves compatibility with newer Android versions and hardware. supports key mapping, MOGA controller, and Bluetooth controller. Some others might remark “the good ol’ trusty,” which makes perfect sense given that it has been around for nine years!

SuperRetro16 (SNES Emulator)

SuperRetro16 (SNES Emulator)

SuperRetro16 (SNES Emulator) is another very popular emulator with cool features like cloud storage support, multiple controller types support, fast forward, and many others. It also has unique features, such as visual enhancement that make games run smoother. Two versions of the emulator are available. The free version has ads and the paid version is available for $1.99.



Yet another excellent emulator is RetroArch. It makes many outdated game consoles simple to imitate. Also, it’s among the simplest methods to get access to thousands of games. RetroArch is a necessary tool for every genuine gamer, but setting it up correctly will take some time and work on your part. Also, using it is totally free.

This is a comprehensive list of the top SNES emulators available for Android right now, to put it briefly. Leave a comment below with any recommendations you may have for the emulators, or if you think we may have overlooked any, and we’ll make sure to look it over.

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