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What Are Wellness Benefits In Health Insurance?

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What Are Wellness Benefits In Health Insurance?

Health insurers provide wellness benefits via redeemable wellness points, offering premium discounts or membership perks through partner organisations. These health insurance plans that lay a focus on wellness seek to encourage proactive healthy living.

Numerous programs and tools are available today to monitor a person’s health. However, it can occasionally take some work due to the hectic schedule and stress. This is true when policyholders take advantage of wellness benefits, which ensures optimal use and motivates them to put their health first in exchange for rewards and benefits.

Health insurers include various wellness benefits under their health insurance plans to differentiate themselves from other insurers and motivate the policyholders to choose a healthy lifestyle. These wellness benefits are included to increase market competition while also driving customer demand. The health plan’s wellness benefits are provided through points, also called wellness points or reward points.

Here are a few of the wellness features that the insurance companies include in their medical plans:

  • Points Or Rewards To Encourage A Healthy Lifestyle: You can use these points to get concessions on various medical tests at all diagnostic facilities and network hospitals. Additionally, you could use these points to get a concessioned membership at various wellness facilities like yoga studios, gyms, etc.
  • A Personal Wellness Coach: As part of the wellness program, many insurers offer a wellness coach or mentor. The coach provides the insured with guidance on various topics, including diet, exercise, nutrition balance, quitting smoking, maintaining a healthy BMI index, and much more. The coach establishes goals that must be met. Upon reaching the plans, the insured receives redeemable points as described above.
  • Second Medical Opinion: Some health insurance policies include the wellness benefit of a second medical opinion. Under this feature, the insured can get a second medical opinion if they have chronic or severe medical issues. The insured person need not pay for this second opinion. But one must recognise that no insurance provider is accountable for any mistakes made in a medical opinion.
  • Exciting Renewal Concessions: The availability of exciting concessions on wellness benefit plans motivates the insured to monitor his active lifestyle. Furthermore, there is no additional cost to the insurance provider for these wellness benefits. You do not need to sign up separately for the wellness program plan. Instead, the insured becomes enrolled the day they or their family becomes covered under the individual or family plan like a Bajaj Allianz medical insurance.

All of these advantages, including health insurance’s no-claim bonus, heavily depend on the insurer you choose, as they vary from one insurer to another. To prevent any unpleasant surprises later, read all the information and policy documents thoroughly and well in advance.

Wellness benefits in health insurance represent a valuable addition to traditional coverage. They encourage and reward policyholders for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preventive care practices. By promoting proactive health management, wellness benefits not only enhance policyholders’ overall well-being but also contribute to a more cost-effective and sustainable healthcare system. Understanding and utilising these benefits can be a win-win for both individuals and insurance providers.

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