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What is shared web hosting?

what is shared web hosting

If you own a business or you are a content creator or blogger, then the most affordable option for you would be to use shared web hosting. It is considered to be the best option if you are someone having thought of launching your website as soon as possible. Don’t forget that you can use Renewcoupons web hosting promo code to save a large amount of money.

Hosting is the storage of website files that are accessible via the Internet. Website files live on a web server, which receives requests from site visitors for specific information and then sends the desired page to the user’s browser. Each website hosted on a web server has a domain name that functions like a digital address.

Let’s cut the crap and come to the point. Shared web hosting is the solution of web hosting that allows a single server to be used by multiple websites. This reduces the cost of server operations by allocating resources to distinct users.

These arrangements are generated for various motives and functionalities. However, half knowledge is dangerous! Wouldn’t it be risky for your website if you host your website on shared server without understanding how does it actually work?

Every server has its own merits and demerits. Let’s have a glance at them and know everything about shared web hosting.

How does shared web hosting operate?

Whenever you enter a website’s URL into your browser, your browser looks for the server that hosts the page. Once the server is located by the browser, it sends an HTTP request message to the server to request the data and information required to display the website. Steps are not different. It’s same while using shared web hosting.

There is merely one server which is in charge of hosting and keeping the data for multiple websites at once, which is the sole exception. Shared hosting is like a cruise ship with plenty of cabins. The server is the only thing that the ship is made of, the staterooms are websites, and the passengers are people who want to succeed online.

Although while everyone uses the same server and follows a similar route, their adventures are completely different. On a cruise ship, your choices are very different from those of the individual renting the stateroom next to you. While you share an engine to get there, you are undoubtedly free and flexible to choose your own path and journey.

Shared web hosting is one of the feasible and most affordable choice for web hosting services. Henceforth, this reason has made shared hosting eminent.

Advantages of shared web hosting

If you are someone with limited budget, hate being distressed and don’t want your precious time go in vain then going with shared web hosting will result beneficial for you.

Let’s look at the various top merits of shared web hosting.


The main benefit of shared web hosting is how inexpensive it is. Shared hosting is very affordable because other websites split the cost of using one server. This decreases the cost of hosting and saves the maximum money to invest in your business and keep the appearance of your website up to date.


The fact that shared web hosting requires little to no work is one of the most alluring qualities. Also, the majority of companies offer services like WordPress installation, email setup at just one click, and the host handles all server administration and technical maintenance.


Web hosting on a shared server is extremely popular with newbies due to the lack of technical knowledge or prior experience required. Customers wouldn’t have to stress about devoting time to understanding the specifics of web hosting because shared web hosting is straightforward to set up and use.

Updated Easily

It is observed to be one of the least expensive and basic. There are numerous ways to improve it. If your website begins to receive a lot of traffic or you wish to expand it, you can go to the next level. It’s just as simple to do this as to send your host.

Who needs shared hosting?

This type of web hosting is ideal for beginners blogs, news websites, web development, word press users, and e-commerce stores started their online presence journey. Sharing web hosting server is basically means that your website is not yet at the phase where it handles a lot of traffic, videos, or bandwidth.


It may be challenging for a newcomer to wade through the various web hosting services on the market. You must first educate yourself on shared hosting businesses and how this type of hosting functions if you want to choose your first hosting package wisely. Shared hosting companies frequently offer packages that include all the services a company could need, from the best technological capabilities to the best customer service. You can look for the ideal shared web hosting plan for your company.

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