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6 effective ways to improve the quality of long-term care in Barrie

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The need for improvements in the quality of long-term care facilities is an underway discussion. There has been a long debate between the public and policymakers but the fact is that whatever the reasons for poor performance it eventually affects the health and well-being of the people who receive care. In enhancing the quality of long-term care facilities in Barrie innovation plays a crucial role. Innovation is a process of generating, introducing, and applying new ideas. By introducing new ideas in long-term care facilities one can produce a captivating, cooperating, and flexible environment that is more responsive to the residents’ needs. Numerous factors can influence the quality of long-term care facilities that we enlisted below.

Factors that influenced the Quality of long-term Care in Barrie

Many key elements sway the quality of long-term care facilities ranging from staffing to policy-making to implementing procedures to providing facilities. Let’s have a glance at the criteria that you have to consider in enhancing the quality of long-term care

1.Hire a Trained Staff

Hiring a trained and professional staff is a prime step to improving the quality of long term care homes barrie services. Each employee in a home health care agency should be qualified and trained as per his designation. Also, proper in-depth interviews should be conducted by the management of the health care agency. Furthermore, you have to be choosy and critical in hiring your staff for long-term care. Your staffs represent your agency to the people who come to visit you. The staff of long-term care should be professional enough that it would give positive energy to your facility. Hire those who value your vision, show passion in their work, and can work in a team

2.Require More Registered Nurses

To improve the quality of long-term care a great number of registered nurses are required who can provide extended health care to patients. Long-term care facilities provide care to patients ranging from personal care to medical care. Skilled registered nurses must be available 24/7 in long-term care facilities. Long-term care registered nurses supervise routine check-ups and also carry specialized treatments for those who are facing serious chronic conditions. The greater number of registered nurses available in a long-term care facility, the greater chances present to secure patients’ lives.

3.Create a Positive Environment for Patients

People choose long-term care facilities because they want a setup just like their homes. In other words, long-term care is home. So, to enhance the quality of long-term care facilities you have to make sure that you make the long-term care facility environment more positive for the residents so that they do not fall into homesickness. No matter what each resident’s social, religious, medical, physical, and intellectual needs you must make your residence’s environment similar to a home for them. From each corner of the residence whether it is a sitting area or games area or bathroom or dining area the long-term care resident should feel like he is at home. With providing home-like facilities you must also arrange some social activities so the residents of long-term care facilities do not miss their loved ones.

4.Let the Staff Do Their Job

If you have hired qualified and experienced staff then let them do their job. Sometimes the micro-management and restrictions reduce the job satisfaction of the staff. Due to this lower satisfaction, you may lose your valuable employees and eventually, your staff turnover started declining. There should be a sense of confidence and trust in your staff that they can do whatever they think is beneficial for residents. Needless to you no one can violate your facility’s terms and conditions but in care policies administration you must give charge to your staff. Your trust in your staff would also positively impact your residence’s environment.

5.Reduce Residents’ Isolation

Most people choose long-term care facilities because they don’t want that their loved ones become a victim of loneliness. But unfortunately, nowadays loneliness is very common in long-term care institutions which decrease the quality of long-term care facility greatly. You must make sure that the residents of your long-term care residence do not put themselves in isolation. You may organize many activities to tackle this situation like laughter therapies, horticulture therapies, and many social events.

6.Implementation of the Right Policies

Implementation of the right policies and procedures is imperative in enhancing the quality of long-term care facilities. It is vital to keep these policies up to the minute and in written form. Also, you have to make sure that your long-term care policies should submissive to federal policies. Moreover, your policies should be reviewed from time to time with your staff, residents, and their family members.


The quality of long-term care facilities in Barrie has become a serious concern among the public and policymakers. Many factors can enhance the quality of long-term care including hiring trained staff, creating a positive environment, paying attention to training and development, trust in long-term care staff, and implementing adequate policies and procedures. For a long-term care institution quality of care should be its priority. By following earlier-mentioned tips you can keep your staff satisfied, take care of your facility’s patients, and can ensure the growth of long-term care homesfacility.   

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