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How Bone and Joint Issues Can Affect Your Sleep?


Osteoarthritis is a common joint disorder found in patients these days. It occurs when the cartilage between two joints tears apart, and the bone rubs against each other, causing swelling and stiffness. The symptoms of osteoarthritis appear in middle age. People near the age group of 70 may also face this. 

These issues generally hit those people who have a genetic family history of such problems or are overweight according to their height and age. Patients often go to the best orthopaedic hospital in Mumbai to treat osteoarthritis. 

This article will study the impact of bone and joint issues on our sleep and help you get some tips to sleep well at night. 

Impact Of Poor Sleep on Health

Having a good sleep is very important to maintain good health, and it helps fight against some severe infections and viruses. An adequate amount of sleep can also help in preventing diabetes. The duration and time of sleep affect the body’s endocrine, metabolic, and neurological functions. The untreated sleep disorder can lead to an invitation for many kinds of chronic diseases. 

Impact Of Bone and Joint Issues on Sleep

Many factors contribute to hindrance in sound sleep. Bone and joint issues are significant factors affecting your adequate amount of good sleep. According to research, 80% of people do not get good sleep due to arthritis issues. Patients with osteoarthritis pain tend to have depression and an increased disability problem with time. A suspected back and forth dynamic can cause lousy sleep, giving the joints more pain. 

We often associate inadequate sleep with pains we suffer from. The relation between pain and inadequate sleep is multidirectional. Inflammation or any other type of pain can severely affect sleep. Deprivation in sleep can increase inflammatory problems and turn into long-term issues if not treated at the right time. 

The best orthopaedic hospital in Mumbai is the one-stop solution to all your osteoarthritis problems. 

How To Get Good Sleep?

Deprivation in sleep, bone and joint pain, and inflammation are interlinked, and it is essential to manage insomnia. First, patients dealing with these issues should always avoid consuming caffeine and reduce using electronic devices like smartphones and laptops before bed. 

Try maintaining a rigid bedtime schedule. Good sleep hygiene, like clearing your mind and keeping your room dark and quiet while sleeping, can ensure sound sleep. 

Apart from the tips mentioned above for good sleep hygiene, patients should also use the right mattress and pillows and take appropriate medication. They should maintain low-impact exercises regularly to get cured as early as possible. 

The Bottom Line

Inflammation, bone and joint pain can severely affect your sleeping pattern. Follow the sleep hygiene tips mentioned above and take the best orthopaedic consultation to maintain good sleep. That is why we recommend you to get yourself examined today to leave no room for complaints. 

Get help from the best orthopaedic hospital in Mumbai or in the city you live in to help with your problems. If needed the doctors will suggest a lifestyle which will immensely.

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