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Mastering Math with Composite Mathematics for Class 8: Tips & Tricks

Composite Mathematics Class 8

A study says that about 61% of Class 8 students find Mathematics difficult. However, Maths is one of the five compulsory subjects in school. While many students can find the subject disengaging and even stressful, with the help of good textbooks and a few tips and tricks, maths can be turned into an exciting and interesting subject.

Why Is Learning Composite Mathematics Class 8 Important?

Often students ask the question, “Will I ever use these difficult formulae from Algebra or Calculus in my daily life? If not, why should I learn it!?” Here are a few reasons why every student must try to excel at Mathematics:

Develop Skills

While it is quite rare to use the formulae learnt in school later in life, Mathematics still plays a very important role in every person’s life. The Maths you learn in school improves your reasoning skills and critical thinking. While you may not use the formulae frequently, the problem-solving skills that you develop during Maths lessons will always be useful in later life. The same analytical process that you learn to identify and solve a problem can help you in other areas of your life after you finish school.

Be a Better Cook

While a basic understanding of Maths comes in useful factories, accounting, software, construction and medical fields, etc., it can also help you in the kitchen. Those who understand Maths would know things like a half-cup is the same as eight tablespoons, and a ¼ cup can be measured using ½ cup. In case you are making double or half the quantity of the recipe you are following, you can measure your ingredients accordingly.

Makes You Better At Life Skills

Students who understand Composite Maths can do well at basic life skills such as managing a budget, fixing furniture, calculations, balancing, and telling time which are essential skills even as an adult.

Score High

Above everything else, Composite Mathematics Class 8 book helps students excel at maths by using simple and understandable language and connecting each lesson with the previous one, such that the students not only learn new concepts flawlessly, but also keep practising old ones.

Tips and Tricks to Master Mathematics

Now that you know why and how much Maths plays a role in your life, proficiency in the subject will help you score well and pass with flying colours. Here we mention some tips and tricks for studying that can make Maths more interesting and help you achieve good marks.

Get Composite Mathematics Class 8 Book

The textbook is written in accordance with the aims and objectives of Class 8 students. Illustrations, diagrams and figures are provided wherever necessary, making it easier for students to remember and understand the concepts well. With a lot of mental maths, multiple choice questions, worksheets, and assessments, Composite Mathematics Class 8 textbook provides a complete source for the students to learn and practice. It also includes several periodic assessments, model test papers and lab activities.

Practice Makes You Perfect

The more you practise something, the better you get at it. Maths is not a subject that involves rote memorisation. Skills and practice matter when it comes to maths. Understand the concepts and solve different types of questions until you feel confident about the concept. Devoting just half an hour daily to practise maths can help you master the subject.

Learn Formulas

Maths is full of formulae. Maintaining a book for all the formulae you come across while practising maths can help you review and remember them better. You can even make cards and play them with your friends. Write the formulae you find difficult on sticky notes and place them somewhere highly visible.

See Maths in the Real World

As mentioned earlier, maths is a life skill. Therefore, try to see maths in real-life situations, such as calculating the GST at a restaurant, discounts, income tax or a home loan.

Use Technology To Your Advantage

Use the internet to find different questions and try to solve them. Additionally, you can sign up for classes and learn more about topics you find difficult. If not, you can always post your questions on learning websites. The aim is to explore the internet and learn from online communities. You can also play games like Nerdle that train your brain at equations without stressing it. Online learning videos can also help in better understanding several maths concepts.

Avoid Memorising

There is no point in memorising Maths. Since every problem comes with its uniqueness, all you need to understand is the method to solve it. Master the basics such as operations, finding LCM, rules of integers, etc. with Composite Mathematics Class 8 textbook and you can easily solve questions without any problem.

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